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Seeing as this was our first time working together, our team and clients were more than pleased with the service!

Since 2000 Krakowexcursion.com (owned by TransTOUR.pl Wojnarowski Company) is a well-known and reliable partner in the field of transport services for many important events and personalities visiting our city, such as presidents, ministers, actors, singers, people from the world of science and business, as well as individual tourists.

We have 19 years of experience in providing domestic and international transportation services for individual passengers and organised groups.


We currently cooperate with many tourist agencies, hotels, public institutions, national television, the Government Protection Bureau, the Chancellery of the Sejm and the Senate.

From the beginning of our activity, we have been perceived as a reliable partner in the transport industry, which is confirmed by numerous loyal and long-term Customers and Partners.


Our ground transportation services are intended for people who are looking for a reliable service provided by a company that operates 100% legally. As an insured and fully licensed company (licenses for both ground transport services on the domestic and international market), we are confident of our responsibility and experience.


We were honored to be able to serve many important events that took place in Krakow, including:

· Visit of Pope Benedict XVI in Krakow, 2006;
· Concerts of world-class artists: Lana Del Rey, Wiz Khalifa, Ellie Goulding, Celine Dion;
· Coke Live Festival Festival;
· Krakow Festival Festival live;
· International Economic Forum in Krynica;
· Chauffer service for the 60th and 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau;
· Chauffeur service during the 3rd anniversary of the March of the Living;
· and many other important events... 

Our fleet consists of flagship new vehicles: limousines, sedans, minivans, minibuses and coaches. Vehicles from our fleet are listed below and because they are actually owned by the company, they are available for booking on a daily basis (we do not upload photos on our social media or on a website with borrowed limos claiming that they belong to our fleet).
Krakowexcursion.com fleet (vehicles belong to the company and are available to you at any time):
Limousine: · Mercedes-Benz S-class W222 2018,
Sedans: · Mercedes-Benz E-class W213,
Minivans: · Mercedes-Benz V-class W447, · Mercedes-Benz Vito W447
Minibuses: · Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, · Iveco Daily 2017,
Coaches: · Scania Touring 2018.

Safe and reliable
chauffeur service

Brand-new vehicles
Iveco Daily
Scania Touring

Free WiFi on board

Our fleet consists of brand-new, modern and comfortable vehicles.

· Mercedes-Benz S-class Long W222 2018 limousine

· Mercedes-Benz E-class W213 sedans

· Mercedes-Benz V-class W447 minivans

Mercedes V-class - Krakowexcursion.com

· Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibuses, including Business and VIP Class, for 18-23 passengers

· Scania Touring Coaches, for up to 50 passengers


Our drivers represent high level of discipline and knowledge of the English language.

Free WiFi on board

In order to meet highest standards we offer free WiFi access in all of our vehicles.

Payment terminals

We also provide the possibility of payment with cards via payment terminal: MastedCard and VISA in our vehicles.

We understand that the safety of our passengers is the most important part of our service so we can guarantee you the reliability of our vehicles and experienced English-speaking drivers.

On request we can present all necessary documents including: results of medical examination of our drivers, certificates of competency, certificates of completing drive safety courses, periodic vehicle inspection, insurance for company, vehicles and our passengers (AC, OC, NW) and all the necessary certificates with licenses to perform international transport services.




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